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CDM Project Development & CDM Consulting Services
Carbon Services is Pakistan's first CDM consulting services provider, focused on developing Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction credits for our clients and partners. Carbon Services offers the public sector and private enterprises a range of solutions for optimising the returns from projects that reduce GHG emissions. With a global team of carbon market specialists, Carbon Services brings to Pakistan a depth of experience that spans 3 continents.

Our services to project developers include working with project developers throughout the credit creation process, starting from the initial conceptualization and project assessment, continues to include the to full project documentation, undertaking the entire formal approval processes, and finally monitoring, verifying and successfully transacting the Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

We provide our client partners with an international network of experienced and high value adding carbon market partners. Our client partners who develop projects can ultimately sell their carbon credits in a profitable, efficient, and cost effective manner, capturing the highest value from their greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.
Typical CDM Project Developments
Energy Projects
Replacement of old boilers by new boilers with higher efficiency
Replacement of coal or oil fired power generation by a combined cycle power plant
Conversion from open cycle to combined cycle power plant
Renewable energy projects
Biomass based (agriculture residue such as rice husk) power generation, and replacement of electrical power being imported from national electricity grid, and dispatch of surplus power supply to the grid.
Increasing efficiency in the bagasse (a renewable fuel source, residue from sugarcane processing) cogeneration facility avoiding that fossil-fuelled thermal plants dispatch the same amount of energy to that grid.
Wind power generation
Hydro power generation
Renewable power generation and dispatch to the national grid
Industrial Sector
Waste Heat Recovery
Energy efficiency through steam generation process optimisation and efficient utilization
Recovery and utilisation of gas from oil wells, that would otherwise be flared
Replacement of old production technology by new technology and processes
Recovery and utilisation of gases produced as a by product of oil production activities
Methane Capture
Collection and combustion of methane in landfills to produce electricity dispatched to the national grid
Methane capture and combustion from treatment of manure.
Fuel Switch
Industrial fuel switching from coal and petroleum fuels to natural gas
Partial replacement of fossil fuels by biomass as an alternative fuel in cement plants
Nitric Oxide
Decomposition of N2O from nitric acid production facilities, such as fertilizer plants.

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