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CDM Advisory Services
Governmental Bodies: We will assist governmental bodies to
Assess Clean Development Mechanism potential at a national level
Identify policy barriers and provide solutions
Offer technical assistance to National and Provincial bodies or CDM cells
Facilitate project marketing on behalf of the DNA
Analysis of the host country institutional CDM organization
Project approval processes
Establishment of the national CDM authority (DNA)
Training and workshops Institutional
Identification, and Initiation of CDM Projects
Identification of country specific projects potential
Derivation of suitable project activities
Project screening and preliminary selection
Conceptual study and decision making phase
Consulting Services and Co-Development Models
Investigation of energy efficiency and emission reductions
Technical conception
Economic and technical analysis
Feasibility study
Clean Development Mechanism registration process
Development of PIN
Development of new methodology
Development of PDD
Baseline study
Support within validation, host / investor country approval, and registration process
Marketing Projects & Carbon Reduction Certificates
Search of investors
Procurement of buyers / sellers
Structuring of financial contracts for CERs
Public relations
Engineering and contract award
Plant engineering
Plant specification
Bid evaluation
Contract award negotiations
Contract award recommendations
Project steering (costs, timing)
Site management and supervision
Maintenance planning
Deployment optimization
Monitoring reports
Support within verification, certification
Trading of certificates
Process optimization
Project Cycle for Clean Development Mechanism
Project identification and design
Host country approval
Third party validation of project design and baseline
Financial structuring
Implementation and operation
Third party verification of project performance
Certification and issuance
Sale of CERs
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