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Certified Emission Reductions (CER) Consultancy Services

What is Certified Emission Reduction or CER?

A unit of Certified Emission Reduction (CER) is equal to one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent, resulting from a CDM project, which may be used by Annex I countries towards meeting their binding emission reductions and limitation commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

CERs are Certified Emission Reductions / Carbon Credits / Carbon Offsets, issued in return for a reduction of atmospheric carbon emissions through projects under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Holders of CERs are entitled to use them to offset their own carbon emissions as one way of achieving their Kyoto or EU ETS emissions reduction target.

Where do CERs originates from?

According to the Kyoto Protocol, industrialised countries are required to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions. The Kyoto Protocol devises market-based flexible mechanisms, which allow industrialised countries to meet their GHG emission reduction targets by trading emission allowances between them, and also by gaining credits for emission reduction projects in developing countries.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) covers such projects in developing countries, which do not have predefined targets. Credits will only be issued for GHG emission reductions if a project provides real, measurable and long-term climate change benefits.

Why Certified Emission Reductions?

  • Money in CERs trading: The market for trading greenhouse gases is growing rapidly, the global annual trade doubling to $64 billion in 2007, according to World Bank figures.
  • Fight against Climate Change: Every CER, properly verified, represents a reduction of one tonne in the world’s net GHG emissions.

Issuance Of Certified Emission Reductions CER

Our CER Experts provide consultancy and information on the different CDM project activities with regard to verification, requests for issuance and issuance.

  • Monitoring reports made available by DOEs
    Our Experts provides information that how monitoring reports submitted by project participants to designated operational entities to start verification work and with the aim to requests issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs).
  • Request for Issuance of CERs
    Carbon Services' provides consultancy for the related documentation that is submitted for the issuance of Certified Emission Reductions CER.

Worth of CERs

Carbon Services, as a Project Development Design (PDD) Consultant, facilitates CDM project development for industries in developing countries. Carbon Services has the essential local and international know-how to assist the registration of CDM projects and facilitate the sale of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) in the international carbon credit markets.

Carbon Services Pakistan is a leading advisory company delivering solutions & services for Clean Development Mechanism. Our services include facilitation for CDM registration, financing based on certified emissions reduction (CER), carbon trading, carbon assets management and evaluation and selection of appropriate clean technologies. Our CER Experts and Carbon Consultants guide you through all these activities and help you in a better way.
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