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Climate Change

Climate change is the leading challenge in the today’s world. Increase in the global temperature is bringing new changes in the environment and especially in weather patterns, rising sea levels and increase in the frequency and intensity of the weather.

What makes the climate change?

Many factors contribute towards the change of earth’s climate, mainly by the amount of heat directly coming from the sun, also many other factors such as the quantity of GHGs and aerosols in the atmosphere, earth’s surface properties, which establishes what quantity of the solar energy should be kept on earth and how much should be reflected back to the space.

During the industrial revolution, since from its beginning the atmospheric concentrations of GHGs such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) have considerably increased. This is mainly due to human activities including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide.

The many sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission are human activities, while this is the main gas that brings change to the climate. GHGs emissions should be significantly reduced to stop the change in the global climate.

Emission of the some of the key GHGs such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide is of the main human influence on the global climate. Greenhouse effect is strengthened by the addition of these gases in the atmosphere. According to a current studies over 7 billions tones of CO2 is emitted each year around the world through the fossil fuel usage and making the environmental condition more worse ever before. An additional 1.6 billion tones is emitted by the change is land usage, largely by the deforestation. The concentrations of these gases have touched such a level where they will remain unprecedented for the other tens of thousands of years.

Climate change brings some significant challenges to the international community. There are many result oriented opportunities for those who are wiling to accept these challenges. Government, business and individuals all have to play their parts and everyone can benefit from climate changes' rising challenges.

Our Environmental Experts can provide you environment related advisory services so that you can play your role in order to conserve the state of earth.

What actions can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Public Transport can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions:
Mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions come with a certain cost. However they bring the economic benefit of reduction in the air pollution and energy depletion. This economic benefit offsets the cost associated with these measures.

If benefits of avoided climate change are taken into account and a we establish a per unit price for each of the GHG emission unit, this will create sufficient incentives for producers and consumers making them to invest more in products, technologies and processes used in greenhouse gases emission. This can bring the sufficient potential to reduce the GHGs emission over the next coming decades.

  • These mitigation measures can in stabilizing the GHGs’s concentration in the atmosphere y 2100 or later.
  • Adoption of changes in lifestyle and behaviors that goes into the favor of resource conservation contribution to climate change mitigation.

These mitigation measures bring other benefits for community including saving in heath costs caused by air pollution. These measures, however if implemented and emphasized in one country or region can lead to higher rate of emission reductions.

Our goal is to link the environment with government policies and international data in order to achieve protected and improved environment. Efficient protection of the environment requires acts that are wide ranging activities, avoiding and limiting the global environmental threats to keep the individuals safe from the harmful effects of ail pollution and toxic chemicals. These acts produce many other benefits as well.

Our aim is to protect and improve the environment, and to integrate the environment with other policies across Government and in international fora. Effective protection of the environment requires activity on many wide-ranging different fronts - for example, from acting to limit global environmental threats (such as global warming) to safeguarding individuals from the effects of poor air quality or toxic chemicals. Actions to protect the environment also produce benefits such as housing (energy efficiency of buildings), social progress (combat fuel poverty) and economic growth (efficient use of resources, such as re-use, recycling and recovery of waste).

We as an environmental consultants provide you consultancy & advisory services to guide you through how to play your individual role towards a protective environment.

Our Environmental Experts & Specialists provide you cost effective consultancy for fighting against climate change, it’s either done by removing sinks of GHG from the atmosphere (e.g. by planting more trees or managing forests), or it can be achieved by reducing emissions (e.g. by curbing deforestation) in your industry.

Carbon Services takes into account projects that contribute towards the removal of greenhouse gases by planting more trees, by reduction in GHGs emissions, and by curbing deforestation or managing forests, thus making environment more stable by reducing emissions from industry.

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